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2019 Clash of the Carolinas Online Program

Welcome to the SMA!

At tonight's show, we will be awarding  Pro cards in the following classes: Open Bikini, Open Figure, Men's Physique Open, and Open Men's Bodybuilding. Drug testing for tonight's event will be done by urinalysis. At the Southern Muscle Association, we take drug testing very seriously.

We understand that your favorites on stage are going to get your loudest applause and praise, but keep in mind to support ALL the athletes that grace the stage as everyone has worked very hard to be here.

Master Of Ceremonies
Gary M Williamson

Head Judge
Dorothy Tiller

Desiree "Cookie" Jackson
Terence Gadsen

Schedule of Events
Competitor Check In  9:15am
Competitor Meeting  10:30am
Pre Judging  11:00am 
Intermission  12:00 pm
Night Show    2:00pm

Order of Classes:

Women's Physique

Men's Physique

Men's Classic Physique
Men's Bodybuilding

Our Competitors and their Classes for tonight's show:

Bikini First Time
#1 Taryn Mahoney


Bikini Teen

#1 Taryn Mahoney


Bikini Novice
#2 Thao Wesna

#3 Amanda Hayes

Bikini Mom
#2 Thao Wesna

#3 Amanda Hayes

Bikini 35
#3 Amanda Hayes

Bikini 45

#4 Alicia Lindsey


Bikini Open
#2 Taho Wesna

#3 Amanda Hayes

#4 Alicia Lindsey

Figure First Time
#1 Taryn Mahoney


Figure Novice

#1 Taryn Mahoney

#5 Kelly Garrett

Figure Mom

#5 Kelly Garrett

Figure 35
#5 Kelly Garrett


Figure Open

#5 Kelly Garrett


Women's Physique Open

#5 Kelly Garrett

#6 Beatrice Catchings


Men's Physique First Time

#7 Jordan Wallace

#13 Franz Fabricante

Men's Physique Teen

#8 Mason Young


Men's Physique Open

#9 Chappell Heard


Men's Classic Physique Open

#8 Mason Young


Men's Bodybuilding Novice

#10 Isiah Hamlin III

#12 Hunter Stanley


Men's Bodybuilding Open
#11 Jesse Skowronski

#12 Hunter Stanley



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We hope you liked our brand of bodybuliding, physique, figure and bikini shows, and will follow the organization as it progresses throughout the southeast.  Our next stop will be Atlanta, Georgia with the Peach State Classic on June 20, 2020!

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